Advanced Scratch Class


The Scratch programming course aims to provide children with introductory computational creativity and thinking skills through Scratch – an MIT developed interactive online program for children to create stories and animation. The children will learn and visualize computational thinking concepts such as sequence, loops, parallelism, events, conditionals, operators and data. They will explore and hands-on with experimenting and debugging through computing problem solving tasks. Most importantly, the program will empower an “I can create” mindset in children.


At the end of the advanced course comprising of 4 sessions, learners will be able to create a game, in Scratch, from scratch on their own. This is achieved by a series of guided and exploration game activities.


This course has a total of 8 sessions, which consists of 2 levels – Basic and Advanced. The basic level will be the first 4 sessions which cover basic concepts while the advanced level, the next 4 sessions, will cover more complex concepts. Children have to complete a workbook which requires them to apply all that they have learnt in the basic level before attending this class. You can find


Learners who have completed the Basic Scratch Course and/or workbook. Learners with the heart to learn more exciting computing concepts!


Understand the importance of reusing code/blocks Develop an optimistic attitude towards working collaboratively and building on the creative work of others Understand how to trigger another set of blocks within the program Understand the concept of cloning a sprite Understand conditional statements Understand variables are values that are stored and can change Understand the scope of variables: local, global and cloud Understand operators and how they are used to generate meaningful conditions Understand game mechanics and how to create a fun game Connect all that is being learnt to create a viral and fun game Present their ideas and thought processes to boost confidence and encourage knowledge sharing and peer teaching

Class Info

  • Price: $280 (4 sessions, 1.5hr each)
  • Age: 7-12 Years
  • Teacher-Student Ratio: 1 to 4
  • Per Class Size: 8
  • Frequency: Weekly on Saturdays/Sundays


Amber Chaung

BSc (Information Systems), Singapore Management University

Ng Kai Xuan

BSc (Information Systems), Singapore Management University

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